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    New campaign to end stigma towards sexual and reproductive health and rights across Europe

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    Dr. Derek Shepherd head of the EHO, on the launching speech.

    Europolis.- A new campaign launched by the European Health Organization is throwing down the gauntlet to European leaders to support people’s basic sexual and reproductive rights – so people can decide what happens to their bodies, who they live with and whether or not they become pregnant.

    The I decide campaign will holding events across the region to highlight the situation of people who are not able to make decisions about their own lives due to stigma, discrimination or abuse.

    Sexual and reproductive health and rights concern people’s everyday lives, their livelihoods, their opportunities and their aspirations. EHO warns that as the next set of global goals are set for the world through the post 2020 process, sexual and reproductive health and rights cannot be left out.

    The head of the EHO, Dr. Derek Shepherd, said as he launched the campaign: “Failure to recognize sexual and reproductive health and rights compromises the lives of women and girls, and people’s ability to lift themselves out of poverty and to live sustainably within their resources. “We believe that discrimination, coercion and violence play a large part in our societies. One in three women in our region, experience violence and girls are still forced into marriage before the age of 15. We need this to change. People should have the right to decide – who they live with; what happens to their bodies; if, when and how many children to have; the right to determine their futures freely and safe from harm.”

    Events with politicians, media, civil society and youth groups, volunteers and public are being held in every continent. EHO chapters in the Union are advocating for change to improve the lives of people they serve through a variety of information sessions, talks, carnivals, rallies, flashmobs, marches and other initiatives with dignitaries.

    Examples of events:

    @Spain: Events in capital city, young volunteers, staff and representatives are launching the petition and calling on government and decision-makers to put Sexual and reproductive health and rights and gender equality at heart of post-2020 framework.

    @Kingdom-of-Reitzmag: The event will begin a day before (September 12) with a radio and television talk show. The EHO Mission in Reitzmag Radio Station will be hosting a Radio Talk show where different hospital directors and a senior volunteer will be studio guests. On September 13, a grand street parade will be conducted by youth (in and out of school), plus women’s and men’s groups for the promotion of action on SRHR issues, Society Against AIDS (SAIL) and the Youth Action Movement (YAM) .

    Montenbourg: An event with the Deputy Minister of Health attending. There will be theatre sketches, documentary films reflecting the EHO manifesto for change. Politicians will sign up to the campaign.

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    Dr. Derek Shepherd welcomes EHO report on LGBTI inclusion.

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    The European Health Organization has released a report on how LGBTI people are included in the legislative frameworks in its member countries. The release coincides with Bi Visibility Day, and the I decide campaign. The head of the EHO welcomes the expanding its work to include LGBTI rights.

    The European Health Organization has released its first ever report on LGBTI rights. @Icholasen @Inquista @Spain and Montenbourg are among the group of countries that initiated this report.

    The EHO concludes that discrimination against LGBTI people harms not only LGBTI individuals but also the wider society, for example through poorer returns on educational investment resulting from discrimination in the labour market. Poor mental and physical health among LGBTI people is a personal tragedy for those affected, but it also has a negative impact on productivity, resulting in economic loss.

    “The full enjoyment of human rights by LGBTI people is essential for both the individual and society. I am therefore very pleased that the EHO, as a significant actor in countries’ economic development, is highlighting this issue. The report shows that @Icholasen @Inquista @Spain and Montenbourg has taken many important steps but that we still have many challenges to deal with,” says Dr. Derek Shepherd.

    The report provides an inventory of the extent to which 14 EHO countries ensure equal treatment of LGBTI people. The EHO concludes that all member countries have been making progress over the last two decades but that they have a long way to go before the rights of LGBTI people are ensured.

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    EHO: Member States must take action to ensure the safety and health of migrant and displaced populations on Eastern Haane.

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    European Health Organization Headquarters in Europolis.

    Statement by the European Health Organization (WHO) Director Dr. Derek Shepherd: The health and livelihood of migrants and displaced people continue to be affected by border closures, travel restrictions and internal lockdowns. Many have not received a paycheck in months and are unable to afford the most basic necessities such as food. They are also often subject to discrimination and stigmatization. Sexual exploitation and abuse remain high among female temporary contractual workers, and displaced populations, while their access to support services for gender-based violence is very limited.

    On the current situation in Eastern Haane and the efforts of a possible new influx of refugees we strongly advise Member States to advance the provision of universal health coverage, including for migrants, and to provide timely and accurate disaggregated data on migration status. We also urge that any migrants detained without sufficient legal basis are released immediately.

    Lastly, we appeal to governments to create the necessary conditions for migrants and returnees to be able to seek health care without fear of legal repercussions, including deportation, so they can protect themselves, their community and the host community from infection.

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    Meet the 6+ outstanding Nurses and Midwives of Europe.

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    By artist Lola Flores of Spain.

    Europolis.- To mark the end of the Year of the Nurse and Midwife, we are honored to unveil the 2020 List of 10+ Outstanding Women Nurses and Midwives. This partnership of the European Health Organization (EHO), Monbank, and Women in Global Health Initiative (WGH) by The Royal Foundation of Montenbourg, features the achievements and contributions of nurses and midwives from all europan countries to recognize these women and the millions of nurses and midwives around the Union.

    1. Gabriela Melendez - @Copala-City
      Melendez works to integrate both necessary scientific competencies and a multicultural perspective at the community level.
    2. Debrah Lewis - @Alkharya
      She has worked with EHO, as a Trainer for the Perinatal Information System, as a consultant with EHO, and co-authored the guidelines on Intermittent Auscultation in Labour.
    3. Mechell Marshall - @Czech-Slavia
      Has worked as a Community Health Nurse for the Ministry of Health and Wellness since 2007. Her duties cover surveillance, family planning, midwifery, child health, and public health. During her time in this position she has received numerous awards and held positions such as Chair of the Nurses Division of the National Union of Public Workers.
    4. Maggie Chirwa - @Ruthund
      She is a State Registered Nurse and Midwife and Regional Nursing Director on the Nurses Organization Board, and 1st Vice President of the National Organization of Women.
    5. Albertha Freeman - @Austria
      She is Community Health Service Supervisor and community health advocate working to expand access to quality healthcare for remote communities across Austria.
    6. Catherine Holliday - @Kingdom-of-Reitzmag
      Is Chief Executive of the Centre for Community-Driven Research (CCDR), a non-profit organization that conducts patient experience and expectations research and supports community engagement initiatives in the health sector. Catherine is proud to be a Registered Nurse and developed a model of community-based telehealth nurse case management that has now been implemented across multiple disease areas. She is telehealth nurse in rare, genetic and complex diseases, including oncology, and her professional work has focused on developing community-based solutions to health system challenges.

    Midwives and nurses—the overwhelming majority of whom are women—are the backbone of primary health systems. Their care during this monumental year has had an impact far beyond the facilities in which they work.

    Let us use the stories of their everyday heroism and service to call for all countries to invest in decent work and a new social contract for all women health workers, particularly, nurses and midwives as part of their commitment to health for all. Above all, we want nurses and midwives to have an equal say in decision making on the health systems they know best.

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    Dr. Shepherd threatens to block aid exports unless countries ‘stabilize’.

    The EHO may also restrict exports to countries with higher disturbance rates, he added.
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    Europolis.- The European Health Organization Head Dr. Derek Sheperd on Wednesday upped the ante in an escalating crisis over some european countries the difficultness that faces aid to hospitals and foundations supported by the EHO amid distubances.

    Speaking at a midday press conference, Sheperd threatened to cut off aid exports to countries that refuse to put a stop at national disturbances that amid chaos on their governances; because aid doesn't get to their final destination.

    "We want to see reciprocity and proportionality in the aid that we give, sadly because of current crisis facing in the region,those well known countries keep their money and aid in their government pockets and then the hospitals and foundations are short," Dr. Sheperd said, adding that he discussed the proposal with EU heads of state and government saying aid doesn't get to their final destination. "This is about making sure that Europe gets its fair share, to every european not just those who are ok. Our councillors and heads of government need to put an end to the current crisis happening in those countries."

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    European Health Organization Endorses the Reproductive Healthcare Act

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    EHO Headquarters in Europolis.

    Office Statement.- The Sheperd administration threw its weight behind an Act that would authorize the reform reproductive healthcare by allowing the disclousore of funds to allow free reproductive products in schools, and lower costs on various projects regarding reproductive health across the European Union.

    The proposde Act, by Councillor Emma Granger of Montenbourg, the bill would to the Member States an opportunity to receive a grant from the European Health Organization of up to five hundred seventy million euros (570 000 000€), on the basis of Feminine and Male Hygiene and Reproductive Care. Also the hygine products may not attract any extra taxation over the standard VAT rate or have tax differences between feminine and male hygiene products.

    "The boys, girls, men and women of our Union deserve truthfull representation in reproductive rights, we have never been closer to real action on Reproductive Health as today; I urge our fellow Councillors to get this act and let's start working for our boys, girls, men and women of our Union.," Dr. Shepherd says.

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    Montenbourg schools will provide free tampons, pads by 2022-23 school year.

    Montague-. As part of the initiative, and with the presence of Prince of Montague and The Baroness of Downton, along with the European Health Organization Director, the country will partner with relevant organisations, including Share the Dignity, and establish a communication plan to effectively reach those throughout the community who would benefit from the program. Taking the recently approved grant of 50,000.

    The Baroness of Downton Lady Diane, said the $50,000 a year required to run the program is an incredibly small fee to pay for an initiative that will have a “profound impact for women, girls and people who menstruate.”

    Dr. Shepherd added. "Period poverty is the term used to describe the inability to purchase sanitary products. It is real and a significant obstacle to health, comfort and ability to take part in basic activities that so many of us take for granted,”

    Montenbourg’s commitment follows a similar decision by the government to deliver a bill which will offer free period products to students in all public schools, which will begin rolling out in 2023 and the abolition of 10% tax on sanitary products.

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    Statement by European Health Organization on Istkalen

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    EHO Headquarters in Europolis.

    Office Statement.- "The people of Istkalen need our support now more than ever. Our organization is committed to helping and protecting them. We will stay in Istkalen and we will deliver.

    At the start of 2021, half the population of Istkalen already needed humanitarian assistance. One third of the population was facing crisis and emergency levels of acute food insecurity and more than half of all children under 5 years of age were malnourished.

    Those needs have risen sharply because of conflict. Since the end of May, the number of people internally displaced because of conflict and in need of immediate humanitarian aid more than doubled, reaching 550,000.

    We echo the European Council’s call for all parties to cease any threat of violence and comply with international humanitarian law and human rights. They must allow and facilitate safe, rapid and unimpeded access for humanitarian workers – both male and female staff – so they can deliver aid to civilians in need wherever they are.

    The humanitarian operation will also depend on funding, movement within, to and from Istkalen, and access to health facilities. The critical role of front-line humanitarian organizations must be supported.

    All parties must protect civilians and respect the rights and freedoms of all. Today we reiterate our commitment to promoting the rights of everyone in Istkalen, including women and girls. Important gains made in recent years – including on gender equality and girls’ access to a quality education – must be preserved. And much more needs to be done to realize the rights of women and girls. We will continue to engage to make sure this happens. Civilians must also be allowed to seek safety and protection, including the right to seek asylum."

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    Report on Suicide Rates in the European Union 2021

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    Office Statement.- Suicide is a serious public health problem. Every suicide is a tragedy that affects families and communities, and has long-lasting effects on the people left behind. Suicide spans socioeconomic boundaries, race, gender and age, and occurs throughout the lifespan.

    However, suicides are preventable with early intervention, social support and timely, evidence-based and often low-cost intervention in national policy response.

    EU Countries with the Highest Suicide Rates
    In 2021, the five countries with the highest suicide rates (number of suicides per 100k, based on democratic instability index) were:

    1. @Istkalen - 72.4
    2. @Copala-City - 40.3
    3. @Kingdom-of-Reitzmag - 29.4
    4. United Dominions of Icholasen- 28.6
    5. @Pravoslaviya - 28.3

    EU Countries with the Lowest Suicide Rates
    Perhaps surprisingly, many of the most troubled nations in the world have comparatively low suicide rates.

    1. @Inquista - 0.4
    2. @The-Holy-See - 0.6
    3. The Free City of Europolis - 0.7
    4. @Ruthund - 1.0
    5. Montenbourg -1.2

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