• EU

    I. Councillors shall not face any term limits and may run for re-election an unlimited amount of times.
    II. Councillors may be dismissed or recalled by their government following a simple-majority vote in the highest-decision making body of that member state. This is unless a majority of the citizens show opposition to the decision via a plebiscite that shall garner at least 55% of the votes in order to take effect.
    III. Should a Councillor resign, die, be dismissed, recalled or removed from office by any means, a by-election will automatically be triggered and must be held as quickly as feasibly possible to refill the vacant position.
    IV. In case of a councilor's death the state may decide on the replacement but must amass a democratic proceess aside from a by-election.
    IV. V. By-elections must follow the exact same procedures, rules and processes as the original election that was previously held.

    Friedrich van Allen
    Councilor, United Reichs of Reitzmag

  • Commission

    I second the motion.

    Donald D. Tusk
    Cllr for Spain

  • ECoJ

    I will accept the motion to amend the Elected and Accountable Council Act of 2020.

    Discussion on the proposed amendments to the Act will begin now and end 17:19 GMT on 25 March 2020.

    Should any changes be made to the amendments, the changes will be voted on starting from that moment and continuing until 27 March 2020.

    Should there be no amendments, the final voting stage will take place at that time.

    An additional 48 hours of voting on the final form of the legislation will begin at the end of the vote on amendments to the amendments.

    Deputy Speaker Marion Rousselot
    Councillor for the Kingdom of Gallorum

  • EU

    I believe this amendment to be in opposition to a recent action undertake within a single member state of the Union. Member-states are allowed to set up their own laws to monitor and run their democracies. Thus far this member-state has adhered to Union law as well as its own internal laws, the Archrepublic will not support such a reactionary piece of legislation.

    Cllr. Carita Falk
    Archrepublic of Vayinaod

  • EU

    Pravoslaviya will not support this amendment, which as Cllr Falk points out is an obvious response to the legitimate actions of one member state. In any sense, it's shutting the door after the horse has bolted – there's nothing in this amendment that makes it retroactive, nor should there be. Also a by-election is a democratic process.

    Cllr Tupac Shakur

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