The League of Yosain Republics

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    Capital: Yosai City

    Official Language: Yosainese

    Writing System: Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji

    Demonym: Yosainese/Yosaijin

    Official Religion: Secular State-Officially however the majority of religions are the following: Buddhist 58%, Shintoism 23%, Taoism/Confucianism 19%

    Ethnic Groups: Yosainese 87%, Other 13%

    Government: Unitary Parliamentary Republic ran under a one-party government

    Executive Body: General Secretary of The League of Yosain Republics

    Legislature: League Assembly (Unicameral)

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    Government Logo above

    Yosai United Party
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    Political Position: Centre-Centre Right

    Ideology: Communitarianism, One Nation Conservatism, Third Way Economics

    Synopsis: The United Yosai Party is the only governing party in Yosai. Initially the party started out as a revolutionary republican movement dedicated to the overthrow of militaristic and feudal rule of the last Shogun and the end of the Shosei Era. The ruling party since 1960, it was founded in 1952 as a nationalist political movement, it has gone on to dominate the political system of the nation. The party’s main purpose was the removal of the Shogunate regime of the aristocratic district Lords and modernise the state. The Party has been credited with consistent and stable economic stewardship and the secularisation of the state and doing away with a feudalistic caste system as they saw it as a way of perpetuating poverty.

    Positioned on the centre-right of conventional politics and is usually considered ideologically conservative, the party has adopted policies a kin to economic liberalism; favouring free market policies, however also putting up strong competition and consumer protection laws to root out dubious trade practices as well as financial services oversight to cushion the effects of market shortfall, as well as establishing various welfare programs such as unemployment payments in the form of training and upskilling to ensure a skilled workforce and employability in order to cushion the effects of market failure.

    To that end however the party has been seen to evolve to a more economically third way minded and centrist with their Keynesian policies. Socially due to Yosai’s ethnic homogeneity the UYP is usually seen as socially conservative and favours traditional social institutions over social pluralism, however that is changing over time. Foreign policy wise they prefer neutrality over interfering with other nations affairs, the rationale behind this is that being a patchwork of small city states they don’t have the current influence to do so, as well as showing mutual respect to other nations governments.

    Government Administration

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    Executive Blue Manor

    Executive: The head of the executive branch is known as the General Secretary who acts as both head of state and head of government and is also the head of the United Yosai Party. The Secretary General is the supreme commander of the Yosinese military. The General Secretary appoints the members of the Federal Secretariat which acts as his his/her cabinet. The general Secretary is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the country. The General Secretary is voted in by the legislature and serves 1 term of 10 years and has the right to make a propose laws within the League Assembly.

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    League Assembly building above

    Legislative: The legislature is simply known as the League Assembly and operates on the principles of the Westminster system. The League Assembly is a unicameral body and makes legislation. The members of the Assembly are simply known or MA’s and are elected via popular vote in their districts for 3 terms of which are 5 years at a time (15 years max). The League Assembly has the power to declare war and peace, review international treaties, and has the power of the purse. The League Assembly is made up of 187 seats representing the total electoral districts in each republic city, with each district having 3 members each.

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    High Court Building

    Judicial: The Judicial system is based on the inquisitorial system based on the German Civil Code. The final authority and highest court in the country is the High Court of Yosai. The court is made up of 7 justices who are all elected by the Federal Bar Association and the legal branches of each republic city to ensure judicial independence from both other branches of government. The judges serve terms of 20 years. The High Court has the power of judicial review in the case of clashing legislation or constitutional grounds, it is also the final court of appeal and can make laws on the basis of setting judicial precedent.

    Composition of the Federal Secretariat

    General Secretary-Junichi Watanabe
    Secretary of State-Maiyuko Sakai
    Secretary of Defence & State Security- Yuichi Iwada
    Secretary of Finance-Ayumi Takaido
    Governor of the Reserve Bank of Yosai- Yumeo Fuyuki
    Secretary of Commerce and Industry- Haiji Narusegawa
    Secretary of the Press-Hideki Kaji
    Secretary of Justice- Megumi Haruna
    Secretary of Immigration & Citizenship-Minato Kumoi
    Secretary of Health & Social Services-Kesuke Asano
    Secretary of Education & Labour-Asako Shibata
    Secretary of Transportation-Yuta Ishijo
    Secretary of Energy-Shinobu Takemoto
    Secretary of Agriculture- Yuko Konnai
    Secretary of Housing and Urban Development-Ayato Shimizu

    The Yosainese Republics

    The Yosainese Republics are their own city states that are ran with semi autonomy. They have their own electoral districts and municipal councils that count towards the seats in the League Assembly.

    Yosai City

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