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    The car exploded outside the Roscoes killing several people , the death toll was soon counted at 19 with the store took out of commission due to the investigation. Headlines were soon coming out of a suspected terrorist attack at the Roscoes in Anastasia that also destroyed housing units. The major parties were quick to united and condemn the act . The Prime Minister John Peter Key announced the raising of the threat level authorising calling the military up to do foot patrols in key areas and being given extra powers to conduct random checks on people if they suspected they could be a threat or were acting suspicious with emergency power laws brought into effect. Immediately he contacted the Anastasia mayor and the cabinet and her were discussing the response to the situation in the Anastasia City.Quickly he was quoted saying "Today my fellow Duchians and Anastasian Duchians I bring bad news. Today we have raised the terror threat in Anastasia city and our nation after a callous act of terror and murder today. This act was the bombing of a Roscoes store, I utterly condemn this act of barbarity and murder against the Anastasian Duchians , we have word that at least 7 children were killed in this attack and that to me epitimises the selfishness of those who committed this act. You killed children, Duchian children , they may have only just arrived but they are make no mistake fellow Duchians and we mourn their deaths today. We will investigate, we will find you and when we find you I can assure you it will not end pleasantly for you. We will get our justice for the people you murdered and the population of Anastasians you seek to terrify. We will stand with the Anastasian government and people in not stopping until we find out who did this terrible disgusting act and find the animals who committed it. Terror will never go unpunished in the United Duchies. Thank you and goodnight." Other leaders backed the PM's tough stance and determination in his response to the terror attack with all of the major parties leaders standing on stage behind the PM. John Peter Key prepared for his visit to the scene and the hospital and families under police and military guard.

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    He had been forced into compromise. He was exhausted of violence, he wanted nothing more to do with it anymore. He lived in this city, he really had no life, no ties, to anywhere apart from it, all of them had been sundered. He had felt betrayed by the loss of power. In Copala City, they had had so much more power over their own lives. Here everything was ruled by the Duchians. Most people went to work for Duchian storeowners, most lived in housing owned by Duchians, most were represented by political groupings controlled by Duchians. Even in Copala City, where they had been in constant threat of losing their power, they had not been as helpless and powerless as this. That was, above everything, why he believed so strongly in independence.

    In the end, however, he was a selfish person. All of those who had survived were selfish; one had to be selfish, to step on others, to reach out of the great pile of corpses, to reach out for a single breath of air. He did not want to lose his life, not when he was so young. He loved youth, he loved his youth, he wanted to live it all out, he did not want to die and leave it unfinished.

    They were in the WC; this was to prevent neighborhood gossips, snoops, or worse, from looking into the window and giving it all away. They could not be seen as being connected; that would be the end of it all.

    "Things are on track for our Christmas Day surprise," said a woman. The same who had threatened him two weeks ago. "The necessary...you know what... have been done; the materials have been procured from reliable sources. We have also the Patriarch helping. On that day - on the 25th of December - all of this will be so beautifully lit up. Kristjan, are you ready?" She smiled, falsely - too wide, it was too wide to be sincere. "The necessary writing is prepared, yes? And also, you are..trusted enough?"

    "Yes," he said. A lie, a half-lie. They had been condemned by the Duchian central government for founding a youth organization, which had something to do with disrespecting law. It made absolutely no sense, but then again it might have been something else. "I've moderated my appearance, I've made myself appear...milder, and I don't imagine that they'd find any objectionable in what I've prepared, anyways...it'll make sense, anyways, if all goes well on your end."

    "It will," said the woman. "Do not doubt us. Anyways, I've another thing to tell you. On the part of the youth, all is going well. If nothing else, our message will be heard. No doubt some of it will have fallen on fertile ground, however. God has willed it."

    This was the end. It was the end, on Christmas Day it would be the end, all would fall, and they all would be snuffed out. They would not succeed; they would be crushed, and independence would die, murdered in its infancy. He would die, they all would die, die. Streams of blood, flowing down the streets of their city; spat upon. The vise on their city would be tightened further, tightened, tightened, tightened, gradually, until it finally perished. They would be responsible for the death of all of their compatriots, of their city, so young and yet already fallen into the abyss the tricksters had dug for it.

    "God has willed it," he muttered to himself. "And it is due to begin today?"

    "Yes. They're already in place; I imagine you'll hear about it but a few minutes. Our party."

    "And the...housewarming party? How is that going?" The housewarming party was but a cover for an event, occuring at a small apartment overlooking a major street in Anastasia City - major enough so that, perhaps in the case of some sort of Christmas tour, if such a thing would happen, in which Queen Anastasia would come to the city from her home in Spain or Fremet - which was it again? - to see the people of her city, the only territory which she actually ruled. If everyone who was attending could make it, the materials would be prepared for something mildly unfortunate. The Queen was not to die, no one was to die; the appearance, however, that someone, someone connected to the Duchies, wanted her to die, would be created. If she did not come, if she didn't care at all, which was indeed highly, highly likely - well, that did not matter. They would find someone else of similar standing to do the same thing to.

    He was disgusted to be thinking such things, but he had been drawn into this. His only hope for survival now laid in these bloody plots being fulfilled; if he refused to support them, he would be dead; if they failed, he would be dead, albeit in a more metaphorical sense, as well.

    "Well, although it is possible that some of the attendees are...delayed. It is difficult to procure some gifts, you know, necessary gifts..."

    Her implication was obvious. Weapons, or perhaps not weapons exactly - those could, in the modern day, be relatively easily made, if crudely, but it was not as though they were planning to kill anyone with them - not they, he didn't want any part of this, only her and whoever she worked for or with - but it was they, he was as involved as she was, even if it was not by choice. In all likelihood it was smokeless powder and possibly bullets, although perhaps even those could be made from scrap metal, although it would decrease the level of realism required to truly make the whole thing seem likely a Duchian plot.

    "That's fine, I guess. Do we have anything more to discuss?"

    "No. Have fun, I guess."

    Somewhere in the Duchies

    A woman was waiting at a baggage carousel for a single piece of baggage. She was moving to Anastasia CIty, her husband was there; they had been separated when the motherland had imploded, but they had found each other again. In the single piece of checked baggage was but clothing and towels, as well as unopened toothbrushes, floss, and toothpaste, disinfected on the instructions of those who employed her. The insides and outsides of the suitcase had also been disinfected - they checked, apparently - and she had worn gloves while handling it.

    She had been instructed, however, to include something else. She would be paid for it, she was told; it was also necessary for "the Revolution." Well! The Revolution! She no longer had faith in revolution. She was still a socialist, she guessed, but she had lost any faith in revolution or, for that matter, democracy. Given power, the masses would simply misuse it and bring themselves to their own destruction, reduced, in the end, to mindless animals eating each other, and destroy the progress of civilization. For a society to be truly governed in the interest of all, it had to be governed by the incorruptible, by technocrats who would manage the government and the economy. Perhaps they would be elected, in some unusual fashion, to prevent corruption, but all of it would be strictly regulated. She had been invited to build it in Anastasia City, she was excited for that. She had been responsible for unprecedented economic growth, by thousands of percentage points. GDP from but about 22 million euros to almost a trillion, in but four or five months; that was her! An economy 44000 times larger than it was before - she was responsible for the greatest economic miracle that had ever happened, and yet no one recognized her. That Donohue or Donohoe or whatever he was named - even he was nothing compared to her. But then again, the rabble had torn all of her work apart, in but a few days!

    There was a Yosainese, or perhaps many of them, who had accomplished something similar; she wanted to meet them, talk with them about their feats, learn from them. Warn them against what the masses could do, tear at flesh and factories, reduce a nation to ashes, its remaining sane inhabitants to a pre-industrial state.

    She was unstoppable. She was the New Woman of the new society she intended to create, intelligent and forwards-driven, able to do anything, absolutely anything.

    Her intelligence had been applied to her dropping off of the baggage.

    She had arrived in Istkalen from Europolis but two weeks ago - she had not intended to stay for so long in such a nasty country, but unfortunately it seemed more economical. (She had not even wanted to transfer through that country, but it was cheaper. She also had been told that security regulations were lax in the country, so that was good). Two tickets on the Istkalen-Duchies leg had been booked - one for a nonexistent person - or existent, the person had died a few days ago, but the death had not yet been reported, and probably never would (part of a welfare scam, apparently) and one for her. The ticket for the nonexistent person had, just to be extra careful, been booked on Tor, running off of a drive running on Tails, a cliched, very much so, solution, but the only one she could, unfortunately, perhaps, think of - she was an economist, not a specialist in security. She had then physically destroyed the drive, just in case, even though there was no chance, even then, of anything being found.

    She entered twice, once wearing a prothetic mask, alongside sunglasses and a shawl wrapped around her head, as to disguise herself as the nonexistent person, dropping off the baggage. She then proceeded to, discreetly, change out of that disguise into another simpler one, which had been stuffed into a carry-on, consisting of a baggy jacket, a disposable facial mask, sunglasses, and a cap, then exited the terminal and, after dropping off the carry-ons with a friend and taking those which she actually needed, in the secrecy of a car, which drove out, circled, parked in a garage in the city, and drove back again, dressed as herself, re-entered, still carrying both boarding passes. When boarding, she picked the pocket of the person directly in front of her as to replace his boarding pass with hers; and then again when they had entered the airbridge. If there were cameras, she doubted anyone would care, although they might.

    She was now standing here, waiting, but not appearing to wait; she was a distance away from the carousel, and it seemed more as though she were waiting for someone to enter and pick her up, which was half-true. If someone was to see her, it would seem as though she were just waiting for someone, although she did, without turning her head, occasionally glance towards the carousel, although it could not be seen in light of her sunglasses.

    Within the luggage disguised of that of the unknown person (she had not checked anything under her own name), on the inside, she had carefully embedded grains of smokeless powder, melting parts of plastic and then allowing a thin layer of it to cover it again, so that it could still be retrievable. There was enough to fire, perhaps, a few shots from a gun, but nothing more. It was spread out, as well. If it had been intercepted, it would not have been in Istkalen; it would have been in the Duchies. THe Istkalener police would cooperate with a Duchian investigation, that was certain; but it would merely be a wild-goose chase, too many precautions had been taken. Although it was very possible that she could be discovered, very, very, much so.

    Somewhere in Anastasia City

    They were waiting for the arrival of other guests. They had already been given a 3-D printer, a drive containing blueprints for a gun, and a uniform that was almost an exact copy of what a soldier in the Duchian rank-and-file would wear, hand-sewn apparently, although there were a number of flaws. If one was, however, looking from the middle of the crowd, amid screaming and general chaos, one's mind reeling with shock from something unspeakable that had just happened, and looking up at a roof perhaps six or seven stories away, one would not notice them.

    Touching gifts, very touching.

    Another box, left by a young-ish man, 25 at most.

    One of them opened it; it contained bullets.

    "Found a place to make it." he whispered into the ear of the one who opened it. "Got the metal from..unusual piping for sale at a collective store, I imagine they put it there on purpose. They're good enough. They might be able to tell the difference, but in the past life, I was...good in metallurgy, a machinist, actually, I had the rough skillset. Anyways, I made something like this when I joined the maquis back..there, and then again when it all went to shit again, so they're not...entirely amateurish."

    "Didn't know you'd be here," the one who opened the box responded, in a whisper again."Pleasantly surprised. I don't imagine that you've annulled..."

    "No. But that should be discussed after it happens, I don't know when it'll be, though, they didn't tell me. You'll be the one to do it, I imagine, though?"

    "Can't answer that. But you can guess, I can imagine. Do you know when the one with the powder will come?"

    "Whoever it is will have had to smuggle it, I imagine they'll be late. Are you nervous?'

    "Of course. We all could die, or suffer a fate worse than the death-factories. The Duchies are a terrifying place, it all seems democratic but there's something rotten under the surface, I feel."

    "More so that most other capitalist states? I'm sure Inquista's worse."

    "Inquista is a bit more open about that, here everything is drizzled in honey, that's what makes it really terrifying and rotten. But really, I'm nervous. It seems all too tight."

    "It is. But we've been in situations like this before - "

    "For better reasons. As much as I think we're living in piles of rot, Areai and it all was far worse."

    "Doesn't matter, really. The knife may be sweet, but it is the knife nonetheless."

    "But they aren't the same knives, to extend that metaphor."

    "It isn't as though we can bail at this point, anyways, someone will get rid of us, if its them or the Duchies."

    Elsewhere in Anastasia City

    "Is this the police?" an elderly lady, the president of a cooperative butchery, asked. "I have suspicions about my granddaughter; she's been using my store to move suspicious packages, and initially I didn't want to call because it'd just seem like an old hysterical lady talking, but now they're loading large packages of something - I think it's fertilizer - into the trunk of a car - hers. She's been expressing a lot of odd things, she talks about the class war - and of course we're all socialists here, but we don't talk about it constantly at the dinner table, people get sick of that sort of thing, instead you enjoy the food and the cake I baked for her especially, and which she didn't eat, instead she just kept yakking on and on about it while refusing the cake, I'm so upset. Anyways, she also talked about people's protracted war and Third Worldism, which we don't endorse in this household or in this cooperative, it's really worrying. She used to be so nice, a good nonsectarian, but libertarian, Marxist, but she's become this, I think it's her new partner, he's a bad influence, and of course I told her, 'don't hang out with people from that country, we may seem related but in reality we're entirely apart, and in any case it'd be better for you to marry a woman, like the rest of us - not the men, don't misquote me, they're supposed to marry other men - because it just works better that way, more rapport, and then maybe have flings with men if you really want,' that's traditional, it's better, and it doesn't cause things like this, but she just had to run off and do it, and now she's been brainwashed into becoming a terrorist Maoist, well, she'll get what she deserves!"

    She then proceeded to launch into an extended rant on the issue; by the time she had finished, her granddaughter had long since left.

    She was in her car, and she knew she was going to die. She was going to die anyways, though, why not die young, for the Revolution! That was what her boyfriend had told her, and he was here with her. They would share a last embrace, and then both of them would become martyrs for the Revolution, lost in a glorious blaze.

    They drove a bit, talking, about life, uni, work, the class war, about all of those things. She really loved him, she thought, they got along so well, and now they were together, finally together, about to be united, in death as in life. Death unites people far more than life, and martyrhood particularly. The Revolution, the great people's protracted war, would arise from their sacrifice, the sacrifice of lovers, they would truly live forever, in that way. It warmed her heart.

    They were parking now, outside of a Roscoes. She looked to him, hugged him, kissed him, and set off the bomb. A fifteen second delay, and then it would begin.

    He pulled away from her, and got out of the car, coldly. She reached out; he ignored her, started to walk away.

    Eight seconds left. Seconds were longer than she thought. Still time; she opened the car door, ran out, screamed, "What the fuck are you doing!" all in an instant


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  • RE: Main palaces, cultural sites and important history of the country.

    alt text

    Called the Palace of the Bricks, this is the seat of the national executive power; here the president works with his advisors.
    This palace is also the center of meetings with the ministers of state, both when the council of minister or emergency is called, this palace that replaced the Flores palace; was built in 1880 being the first president to work it sir, Juan Galvino.

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  • Hopkins Entertainments Group

    alt text
    About a leading leaisure group owning the Hopkins Themeparks grouping, The Dungeons and Sealife attractions and Eye brand of Wheel attractions among others.

    Below are our brands of world class Attractions:
    Hopkins Parks:
    Hopkins Alton Towers
    Hopkins Porterdam
    Hopkins Westseaxna
    Hopkins Outlaw Woods:
    Hopkins Fields
    Hopkins Yosai
    Hopkins Reitzmag
    Hopkins Copala
    Hopkins Inquista
    Hopkins Innimicus
    Hopkins Metrópoli

    Breakdown of Attractions:
    Hopkins Parks:10
    Sealife Centre and Sanctuaries:57

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  • RE: Member State Applications

    @Kaitsja Accepted! Welcome back to the EU.

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  • RE: Brickston News Cooperation (BNC, English Regional)

    Women Fashion Show takes place in New Amsterdam

    Warren Rarrendos
    alt text
    The Vogue Fashion Show of 2021 in N.A.
    It is a first in Brickston that Vogue has decided to host its "Vogue Brickston Fashion Show" in New Amsterdam. It was planned to take place for two days; one for national fashion displays and one for international fashion displays and the first day is already over.

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  • RE: Brickston News Cooperation (BNC, English Regional)

    The Skyscraper Boom of Brickston

    Darren Blue
    In the 1980s, Lord Felix Arfun allowed for skyscraper zones in certain cities (Portovo, Hugoslavia & Doh Tin Mah City (Edgemorta was later added to this list)) to be established to limit skyscrapers to certain clusters of metropolitan cities in the country. This resulted in many applications received to build new skyscrapers in these clusters, which were to be either approved or declined by the City Council in coordination with the National Government.

    Before this law was established, skyscrapers were banned, which was a holdover from the conservative dictatorial leader President Maduro. He believed that Brickston had to preserve its culture and heritage. He said, "Brickston must not be represented by corporations." He said this after he allowed for some commercial activity to take place before he was removed from office 5 years later.

    The skyscraper clusters policy allowed for cultural heritage sites to be preserved, as well as generated employment.

    There have been a few preposterous designs, however; to build a 500m tall residential building in Edgemorta, which was rejected by both the City Council and the Government.

    Briekish Skylines have definitely changed over the years.
    alt text
    Take Hugoslavia's Financial District, for example; "The Docklands". Even before the first skyscraper was built (image on the left), it used to be a trading dock; the busiest in Hugoslavia.
    alt text
    Take Brickston's Capital, Portovo. It wasn't actually the capital when this picture was taken; Doh Tin Mah City was. Therefore, there is a dramatic shift in the skyline.
    alt text
    Portovo, Now
    alt text
    Maduro Architecture in the 1970s in Edgemorta, now taken down
    alt text
    Despite the skyscraper clusters allocated, Edgemorta still does not have a skyscraper. This may be due to its small population relative to the cities above.

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  • RE: The Federal Republic of Yosai

    Economic Overview

    Population: 41,325,000

    GDP Per Capita (Euro): €36,581.98

    GDP per Capital (Native): ¥24,751.00

    GDP (Euro): €1,511,750,240,850.00

    GDP (Native): ¥1,022,847,146,721.61

    Currency: (¥) Yen

    Exchange Rate: ¥1.00= €1.48

    HDI: 0.927 (High)

    Gini Coefficient: 26.1 (Low)

    Unemployment Rate: 3.7%

    Labour Force by occupation: 6% Agriculture, 44% Manufacturing, 50% Services

    Income Tax Rate: 15%-38% (Progressive Tax Structure)

    Corporate Tax Rate: 25%

    VAT/GST (Sales Tax): 10%

    Main Industries

    Primary Industry: Iron Ore. Petroleum, Sulfur, Natural Gas, Uranium Ore, Lead, Yttrium (RE).

    Secondary Industry: Consumer Electronics, Pharmaceuticals, Transportation Equipment, Automobiles, FMCG, Fertilizers, Medical Equipment, Weapons & Armaments.

    Tertiary Industry: Financial Services, Education, Building/Construction, Public Health, Telecommunications Services, Retail, Logistics/Transport, Hospitality, Entertainment

    Policies (Pending)

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  • RE: Rikkalek-Reiserová meeting in Prague

    "I think your ideas are great Mr.... Mr. Head of State, totally palatable! Well expanding co-operation to other fields and to more parties is of course good and in the interest of the Czech people as long as it doesn't conflict with our interest to pursue friendly relations with all countries, doesn't conflict our existing agreements with our partners and wouldn't limit us in our future agreements."

    "Programme for students from Istkalen to enrol in Czech schools is something I am very supportive of and I think we could sign such agreement as soon as possible."

    Reiserová once again reached into her cabinet and after a while pulled out a book, which she opened and began to read a motivational quote: "One way to keep your heart together when the state of the world weighs heavy on it is to simply help somebody. Even if it is just one person" she looked at her counterpart "It is of course about an individual, but it is very true, and it could relate to states as well, wouldn't you agree? We are more than willing to help Istkalen in this manner. In fact we regard it as the most effective way to help. Education is so crucial and the students will then return to the home country to develop it, jobs here will remain secure for our people and your country will not experience a brain drain! Now of course, it is also important for us that foreign students are taught our language, our culture and history."

    "I am interested in your art so before saying more on the collaboration in this field please elaborate."

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  • RE: Member State Applications

    Nation Name in RP: The State of Kaitsja (KAIT)
    Nation Name on NationStates: Vegenda

    Map Plot Requested: #4

    Capital: Põhiseadus
    Currency: ₭ (Kre)
    National Language: Estonian

    Head of State/Government (Chief of State - Riigipea): Mrs. Saubri Liiv
    Governing Party: Christian Democrats (KD)

    European Councillor: Mrs. Riina Kionka

    Current participation in other regions: The Allied Republic and Cadmy
    Past participation in other regions: Free Nations Region, Ravana, New West Indies, Edlhus, United Kingdom, Kingdom of Great Britain, the North Pacific, and the Democratika

    My country accepts the Constitution and the Acquis Communautaire (Y/N): Y

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