Treaty of Telum

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    Treaty of Telum

    We the nations of this treaty pledge to work together for the good of all nations economically, culturally and in joint defence of democratic values in our countries. We pledge to protect our countries by working together in co-operation for peace and the common good of our nations.

    Article 1: Free Trade and Standardisation

    1.1 All members shall have free trade with all other members with no protectionist barriers unless they are implemented for all companies of member nations.
    1.2 Any companies registered in member states shall have the right to operate in any other member state as long as they meet national standards.
    1.3 State-owned airlines will set an airlines alliance to get joint benefits.
    1.4 A Roaming-free zone shall be established between signatory states.
    1.5 Free movement of capital within the joint market.
    1.6 Joint sharing of information between members regulators and tax agencies may be allowed for regulatory or tax purposes.
    1.7 Environmental minimum standards should be standardised among member nations to fight against Climate Change and degradation of the environment.

    Article 2: Free Movement

    2.1 All member nations citizens shall be able to move freely around other member nations and live in any member state.
    2.2 If any extreme situation may take place, member states will be able to shut down their borders.
    2.3 Security controls are allowed to take place, especially those affecting cargo.

    Article 3: Military Pact

    3.1 All members shall defend each other in case of attack by any foreign nation.
    3.2 Only members shall have military access to the Baltic Canal and Suez Canal
    3.3 All members shall be able to co-operate on joint procurement and standardisation of equipment.
    3.4 Co-operation shall exist in situations where member nations are in a conflict together.
    3.5 Members will get reduced costs when buying military equipment from other nations, except if there’s a treaty between 2 or more members which include other conditions.
    3.6 Nations in the Southern Association of Nations will get reduced tax on their cargo when entering Gibraltar, Adventuranza, Suez Canal or the Baltic Canal. Agreements can be established to reduce that tax to 0%.

    Article 4: Culture and Research

    4.1 All members shall develop cultural and educational exchange programmes with other member nations
    4.2 All members shall co-operate on scientific research between universities for the good of all members

    Article 5: Security

    5.1 All members shall allow extradition to another upon a warrant being approved.
    5.2 Members shall share intelligence relating to national security of another member with that member unless it results in a national security threat to the nation
    5.3 A joint arrest warrant and law enforcement information sharing system should be established between members if necessary.

    Article 6: Membership
    5.1 Signatories shall be members of the Southern Association of Nations
    5.2 Members may leave at any time following an agreement between the SAN and the member state wishing to leave.
    5.3 Members shall meet twice a year to discuss progress and joint issues
    5.4 New members may be admitted upon a vote of 75% or more in favour.
    5.5 All member nations must have democratic elections.

    United Duchies
    The Empire of Inimicus
    The Kingdom of Spain
    The Free Republic of North Diessen
    Duxburian Dominions
    The Most Blessed State of of Inquista

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