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    The Treaty of Victoria is a pact between member-states of the European Union in the European and North Atlantic areas who wish to safeguard their defense and security to multilateral Military Cooperation. This treaty will create the Allied Defense Organization (French: Organisation de Défense Alliée) that promises a strong defense for its parties through the enhancement of their soldiers' skills and awareness especially in the twenty-first century. The treaty will be signed at Victoria City in the Kingdom of Reitzmag on the 14th of August, in the year of our lord, 2020.

    The following are the parties of this treaty herein:

    • Icholasen, the United Dominions of
    • Leagio, the Commonwealth of
    • Mennrimiak, the United Kingdoms of
    • Montenbourg, the Kingdom of
    • Reitzmag, the Kingdom of
    • Valhalla, the United Stars of

    Logo of the Allied Defense Organization:
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    Flag of the Allied Defense Organization:
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    Document of the Treaty:
    Treaty of Victoria

  • EU

    Simon had just finished his summit with @Montenbourg PM Xavier Bettel last August 8. Now, he is going to meet more heads of states/governments from multiple countries including that of Montenbourg. He woke up very early and went to the airport quickly and wait for the arrival of the guests. He had some coffee and enjoyed a breakfast of sunny side up in Victoria City International Airport. Then after breakfast, he watched some of his favorite shows including that of Mikaela Kligenberg. While watching, he saw in the screen that they are about to arrive so he quickly proceeded to the area to greet them. He got interrupted by some members of the press but he managed to escape.

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  • ECoJ

    The President of the Commonwealth, Kenith Lifejumper, stepped out of his plane that just landed in Victoria City. This landing would mark the first time that the head of government for the Commonwealth would be landing in a EU nation outside of the City of Europolis. Although, he was excited for the meeting, he did have some concerns about it. Some of them included on how the military of the Commonwealth would be treated and other things like the organization's ability to be defensive. Although, he had confidence in Prime Minister Bridges of Reitzmag, there was some things that he did not like about. The Prime Minister fits the bill of what his late father called 'big on pants, but small d**k and muscle.'

    He knew that the Prime Minister of Reitzmag meant well on how he acted at the meeting back in July with the other leaders of the EU community; but this Prime Minister had to understand that not everything was going to go his way at all. People could get good and bad days.

    Finally, he stepped out of the plane and saw the Prime Minister waiting for him. He smiled and gave him a greeting.

    "Prime Minister Bridges, it is an honor to see you again."

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    As soon as the Leagioan Presidential Plane was set, the red carpet was rolled an a golden escalator was mated with the plane's front door. Simon approached the bottom of the escalator and waited for President Lifejumper then he shook hands with him and gave some taps at the back. "It's so nice to see you again too Mr. Lifejumper, I hope you enjoy here in Reitzmag" said Simon. They both walk to two small platforms and stood up there. Just as every foreign delegate, the national anthem of Reitzmag was played followed by that of Leagio. Both then proceeded and Simon opened the car for Kenith. The car and its motorcade went straight to the Hanover Palace which was no longer used by the king as residence and is now used as a museum.

  • ECoJ

    Following the Foreign Affairs Office Statement on the Treaty of Victoria; The Kingdom of Montenbourg no longer seeks participation in this treaty.

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