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    The following sites might come in useful for RP:

    Kate Monk's Onomastikon – a very detailed database of names from various cultures from around the RL world.

    Vexilla Mundi – a wide variety of different current and historical flags from around the RL world.

    Wikipedia – surely needs no introduction; easily the best one-stop shop for any information you might want from the RL world.

    Google Images – probably the best source of images for news articles (please be tasteful) and RL personas for your characters (tip: politicians in regions of federal countries, like New South Wales or Brandenburg, have lots of images despite being obscure outside their own region).

    Google Translate – good, if still imperfect, source of translations into a vast number of languages.

    CIA World Factbook – home to a large amount of information about RL countries.

    This list will be added to over time, and everyone is free to suggest sites that have helped them. I'm particularly interested in guides to good writing and roleplaying – storytelling, news writing, and so on.

    really useful flag designer with templates and symbols

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