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    Allied Defense Organization (ADO) is a defensive military alliance of nations that understood that the need to protect a free and democratic European Union. We, the sovereign European nations, believe that in order to secure the peace and prosperity of the European Union and its member-states, a Defensive Alliance of democratic nations must be formed. Democracy, Anti-Militarism, and Equality are the ideas that these nations wish to maintain in this alliance. Putting regional politics aside is necessary to ensure the protection of Europe from dictatorship or forms/factions that advocate for warmongering aggression.

    Link to the Charter of the ADO: link text

    Anyone that wishes to become a part of the Defensive Alliance shall need to decide if they want to become a fully-fledged member or an affiliated member. The benefits of being either are explained in the charter.

    In order to become a full or affiliated member of the AOD, please fill out the information:

    Type of Government:
    Ruling Party: 
    Representatives to the General Council (3):
    Representative for the Security Council (1):
    Head of Government:
    Status wished to attain (Full-Member or Affiliate Member):
    Are you a recognized Neutral Nation (Y/N):

    However, Affiliated Members must file the following additional information:

    Special conditions:
    Reason for application as an Affiliate Member:

    Please give it between 24 to 48 hours for applications to be processed and determined on whether or not it should be accepted.

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