Treaty of Albus Julius 2020

  • Dear representatives from across the Union,

    The world is no longer the safe place it used to be. International diplomatic relations kept us away from any kind of aggression or harm of any kind. But taking in consideration the current unfolding of international events (The Sugar War, the Southern War and the Trading War) we have to secure a better way to defend the Union and its borders in case of any aggression from any other nation or region.

    Therefore, my proposal is to create a defence organisation called The European Shield. What would the European Shield look like?

    There would be a Commander (democratically elected - any nation can run for office) and two secondary officers (one appointed by the Parliament, while the other one appointed by the Comission). They would be in charge of directing all the operations.
    The Strategic Planning Department: nations that want to help in the management can join.
    The Logistic Division: nations that want to support with logistics can join.
    The Medical Division: nations that want to support in the medical effort can join.
    Army group: nations that want to support with land troops and equipment can join.
    Navy group: nations that want to support with ships and troops can join.
    Air group: nations that want to support with aircraft systems and warplanes can join.

    A nation shall not join more than three groups/divisions/departments.

    If you are interested in this proposal, we kindly invite you to come join us in Albus Julius, a beautiful city in Lafay, to sign the Treaty and make history together, defending the European Union.

    With all due respect,
    Mr. Julien Shelby
    Representative of Federal Republic of Lafay

  • On behalf of the people of The Rogue Nation of Bastardus, I proudly announce that we are joining the Treaty of Albus Julius, hoping that we will be able to help maintain the peace and stability of our Union.

    Rep. Cpt. Johannes Holt
    On behalf of the Rogue Nation of Bastardus

  • The people agree with you pact and think this will benefit our nations greatly, and so we would like to join.

    Spokesman of the people Connor

  • The people of Loabistan have decided that we shall proudly join the Treaty of Albus Julius to help defend our region's interests as well as our own.
    Emporer Charles I of Loabistan.

  • The federation of the north mississippi Would like entrance into the treaty to help secure our and European interests.

    Sincerely,Ms. Margaret Governeur
    Representative of the north mississippi Federation.

  • EU

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  • One behalf of Emperor Lovro Zvonimir IV, Lovrovia shall attend this treaty!

  • Dear representatives from across the Union,

    We do not have a lot of manpower, however we have a special forces unit better than the navy seals called the Burza o północy, there is more info about them in this link . We can provide them for secretive missions and they specialize as paratroopers and have mastered the skill of stealth, and they have over 10,000 members. I hope they become a good use to the European Shield, if you need to use them just telegram our country; The free land of "Podlasie Lublin Masovia". We also have a medical Battalion called the "Podlasien Cross" more info in this link.

    Overall, Our Country "Podlasie Lublin Masovia" can supply Medical Troops and Special Forces Troops. We are willing to Sign a official treaty,please tell us how to make this official.

    President Aleksy Nowak
    European Union Councillor Wojciech Zielinski
    The Free Land of Podlasie Lublin Masovia

  • EU

    To our dear fellow member-states:


    We have been notified of this meeting and we hope to contribute somehow in its development. First of all, we want to remind that the EU no longer holds a parliament and is instead led by the EU Council. We are willing to protect all nations under this treaty by reserving personnel from our armed forces. We hope that we may be excused from the limit of joining divisions and that we may be included in all departments, divisions, and groups.

    We are interested in the further development of this treaty and are willing to extend a helping hand.


    Gen. Malcom F. Granger
    Chief of Staff, HM Royal Army

    [(OOC: Please create a war list first before beginning to describe your military forces as we have a different RP War System)]

  • On behalf of The Eternal Emperor Thorkell I, The Empire of Norskheim has decided to attend the treaty.

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